HOMERUN UV-C disinfection

#HOMERUN UV-C disinfection
Today we have 18 million Covid-19 cases worldwide but in Taiwan only 467 cases, which means we have the high efficiency and accuracy to immediate take control over this virus pandemic.
#taiwancanhelp We here to help and protect. 💪🏻
Now we present to you "SL-80s UVC disinfection machine" is designed and manufactured in Taiwan.
Our product is specially designed for interior spaces that are suitable for schools, kindergartens, clinics, hospitals, hotels, and any other business environments. It will prevent infection efficiently.

今日全球新冠肺炎確診人數來到1800萬人,但是台灣只有400多個確診,這代表台灣能夠迅速準確地控制病毒,我們發表產品影片讓全世界知道台灣可以幫忙!我們有SL-80s紫外線殺菌機,這是一台由台灣設計和製造的機台,專為室內空間所設計的殺菌機,適用於學校、幼兒園、診所、醫院、旅館業及任何需要殺菌的商業空 間,使用過後可有效地預防性感染 。